Automation and Orchestration

From Next-Generation Data Center

The automation and orchestration topics are usually discussed as an afterthought, but we’ll start with them because they are one of the most crucial aspects of a successful data center deployment.

We'll figure out what our single source of truth is, what data storage mechanism to use, and how to use the network and services state to provision infrastructure and services, and validate network operations. We'll also discuss various network automation tools, and select the best one for the job that needs to be done.

Guest speaker

The guest speakers in this module include:

Spring 2017

Thomas Wacker (UBS AG) described how UBS embraces automation for the currently ongoing data center network rebuild. He started with prerequisites and key objectives, laid out the architecture, showcased the toolchain UBS was using at that time, and explained the phases of build, test, documentation and ongoing operations.

In the conclusion, he detailed the benefits of UBS approach, their immediate goals, and his view on how automation will keep changing the networking industry.

More about Thomas Wacker

Autumn 2016

Elisa Jasinska (Bigwave IT) did a great overview on how to approach your automation and orchestration strategy in a datacenter environment in Autumn 2016 session. She described the separation of provisioning tasks from orchestration or ongoing management, and provided examples and tools to cope with each of them.

More about Elisa Jasinska

Self-study materials

If you’re new to network automation these webinars will give you a good foundation:

This content is a must-see if you're not familiar with network automation systems and tools:

Additional recommended materials

If you want to know more about network automation and SDN, and how you can use then in data center environments, do watch these webinars:

These Software Gone Wild episodes focus on open-source tools (each one is ~1 hour long):

I would recommend listening to the practical aspects of data center network automation covered in these podcasts:

Finally, you’ll enjoy watching the NAPALM and network automation presentation @ NANOG64 (40 minutes)

If you still have some time left, do listen to these podcasts:

Recordings of live sessions