Design the Network Services and Infrastructure

From Next-Generation Data Center

Finally it’s time to get our hands dirty. We’ll talk about virtual networks needed by application workloads, focus on data center fabrics, design one, and deploy network services on top of it.

Guest speaker

The guest speakers in this module include:

Spring 2017

As Internet IPv6 adoption is becoming more real there are practical considerations for many businesses to consider. I invited Ed Horley to give you some guidelines and describe lessons learned while deploying IPv6 within data centers, and what you need to consider before you start your IPv6 journey. He also addressed these questions:

  • Should you implement IPv6 in parallel with IPv4 (dual-stack) in the data center?
  • Can IPv6 deployment in a data center be an advantage for certain services, applications and workloads?
  • Are there specific things to be wary of when adopting IPv6 in the data center?
  • What training, skills and resources do I need to make it actually happen?

More about Ed Horley

Autumn 2016

In autumn 2016 course, Russ White (LinkedIn) described the principles of disaggregation and white box switching data center solutions, the problem space and various open-source solutions, including their positive and negative attributes.

  • Disaggregation versus white box versus SDN -- what is the difference
  • The components of a fabric; switches, optics, network operating system, control plane
  • Building the fabric: Clos designs, oversubscription, managing complexity
  • Overlay options: VXLAN and EVPN
  • Other topics: Service chaining and security

More about Russ White

Self-study materials

If you’re not familiar with virtual networking and virtual appliances, start with Introduction to Virtual Networking webinar (2 hours).

You’ll find the information you need to understand modern data center fabrics in these webinars:

To get familiar with the principles of overlay virtual networking watch:

You should also read these Expert Express Case Studies (plan to spend approximately one hour per case study).

Finally, it might be worth watching IPv6-Only Data Centers webinar with Tore Anderson (~ 1 hour).

Additional recommended materials

Recordings of live sessions

Network Infrastructure Discussions

  • Spring 2018: OpenFabric, RIFT, Traffic Engineering and Segment Routing
  • Spring 2017: Minimizing complexity, QoS, Contrail, ACI with NSX, virtual appliances versus distributed firewalls
  • Autumn 2016: Overlay networking, leaf-and-spine fabrics, pods and superspines