Timing of the Spring 2018 live sessions

From Next-Generation Data Center

All live sessions include a guest speaker presentation (60 - 90 minutes), follow-up questions, and design discussions, so plan to spend 3 hours in each session.

The schedule of live sessions and guest speakers in Spring 2018 course:

  • April 25th 2018: Getting Started and Automation - Network complexity with Russ White
  • May 8th 2018: Compute, Storage and Network Infrastructure with Chris Wahl
  • May 31st 2018: Network Services - Making DevOps and CloudOps work with Michele Chubirka
  • June 21st 2018: High Availability and Hybrid Clouds with Ed Horley

Online sessions start at 4PM Europe / 15:00 GMT / 10AM EST / 7AM PST unless indicated otherwise.

All sessions are delivered in a GoToWebinar virtual classroom, giving you the ability to ask real-time questions and join the audio discussions. The sessions are recorded; downloadable MP4 videos are usually available with 24 hours. You can ask any follow-up questions you might get while watching the recordings in the Slack team.

Archive: Timing of Spring 2017 sessions

  • March 30th: Impact of Open Source with Scott Lowe
  • April 4th: Automating data center deployments in UBS with Thomas Wacker (+ automation and orchestration discussions)
  • April 11th: Why Containers Matter with Stephen Foskett (+ compute/storage/virtualization discussions)
  • April 20th: IPv6 in Data Centers with Ed Horley (+ network infrastructure discussions)
  • May 4th: Security concerns in public and hybrid clouds with Matthias Luft (+ other network services)
  • May 11th: Roundtable discussion with Andrew Lerner and Simon Richard
  • May 30th: Course completes

Archive: Timing of Autumn 2016 sessions

  • September 1st: Start of the course and first assignment (no interactive session due to overlap with VMworld US)
  • September 6th: Creating a Better Presentation with Marjan Bradeško
  • September 13th: Network Automation with Elisa Jasinska
  • September 22nd: Network design/Q&A session covering leaf-and-spine fabrics, virtual networks, and network servicesÍ
  • September 23rd: Whitebox Switching with Russ White
  • September 27th: Software-Defined Storage with Howard Marks
  • October 11th: High-availability Concerns with Ethan Banks
  • October 18th: Deploying NSX on top of Nexus 9000 with Mitja Robas
  • October 25th: Course completes