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From Next-Generation Data Center

The recordings of Autumn 2016, Spring 2017 and Spring 2018 live sessions are available on and listed below:

List of modules

Collecting the Requirements

Whiteboarding and Discussions

Course Introduction

Automation and Orchestration

Design Compute and Storage Infrastructure

Whiteboarding and Discussions

Design the Network Services and Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure Discussions

  • Spring 2018: OpenFabric, RIFT, Traffic Engineering and Segment Routing
  • Spring 2017: Minimizing complexity, QoS, Contrail, ACI with NSX, virtual appliances versus distributed firewalls
  • Autumn 2016: Overlay networking, leaf-and-spine fabrics, pods and superspines

High-Availability Concerns

High Availability Discussions

  • Spring 2017: stretched VLANs, availability zones, swimlanes, distributed data centers and scale-out application architectures

Putting It All Together

Q&A sessions